Sex is the Seed – Love is the Flower

“Enjoy love, enjoy lovemaking. It is perfectly natural to make noise, scream, shout. In fact, whenever two persons are making love, the whole neighborhood should know that now it is happening. Only then one day you will be able to transcend; then you will have lived it totally.

Because that expression is part of experience. The unexpressed remains unexperienced; the expressed becomes part of experience. And when you are going in an orgasmic joy it has to be expressed, danced, sung.
Love totally, love singingly, love dancingly. Love should be a joy in all its possibilities; it should not be cold. Otherwise you are simply moving into the gesture of it, empty gesture which will not fulfill.

Sex has to be transcended. I am not saying that it has not to be transcended – it has to be transcended but through understanding. Not by effort, not by force – gracefully, naturally. One day it falls on its own accord, and when it falls on its own accord it does not leave behind you any trace.

It does not leave behind a so-called saint, it leaves behind a tremendously beautiful, graceful being. Not a dead and dull person, but absolutely intelligent, aflame, divine being, full of fire, of love. The passion disappears, but it becomes compassion. And if you repress the passion you will never attain to compassion. The repressed passion will go on hanging around you; it will make your whole life dirty.

Don’t go on just thinking about women; it is not going to help. Just thinking is not going to help – go through the experience. Love a woman, fall in love, risk yourself, and forget all your traditions and conventions. And one day… that day is not far off – if you have lived intensely that day will come, that day is bound to come, when you will see sex has disappeared and instead the same energy has become love. And the love flowers; the perfume that comes out of that flowering is prayer.”