World Plant Milk Day

August 22nd is World Plant Milk Day, a day we all celebrate the unstoppable trend of dairy free milk.

Cows Rejoice!
The global market for plant-based milk is forecast top a massive $16.3 billion dollars in 2018 – up dramatically from $7.4 billion in 2010. This is resulting in thousands of dairy farms closing, with recent reports showing more than a 1,000 closing in the UK since June 2013.

Dairy-free for Good Health!
There is a long-standing misconception that we need dairy milk for good health, especially calcium for strong bones. However, research over the past 20 years suggests the opposite: osteoporotic bone fracture rates are actually highest in countries that consume the most dairy, calcium, and animal protein. There is now extensive evidence that consuming milk or dairy products may contribute to the risk of several chronic health conditions like prostate and ovarian cancers, autoimmune diseases, and some childhood ailments. Learn more HERE

Plant milk is better for the environment, better for animal welfare and better for your health. There are so many different varieties to try these days, gone are the days when there was only soya milk available. My own favourite is Oat milk – if you haven’t tried them yet then give one a go. 

Osho – Cows Milk & Dairy

It is rare to find a spiritual teacher wise and bold enough to challenge our fond assumptions about the goodness of milk. Osho rises to the occasion and shares from the heart…

I have hated milk from my very childhood, but because everybody loved my body, and my family insisted that without milk you cannot remain the way you are, I had been drinking milk against my will. That is the only thing in my life that I have done against my will. And the only way I could manage it was to stop breathing and take the whole glass in a single gulp so that I didn’t smell it, because I can’t stand it. I have tried all kinds of milks, but I can’t stand the smell.

My feeling has been always — and I told my family” — Jainas should stop using all milk products because milk is just like meat. It is not vegetarian, it is animal food; and it has a double violence in it. From where does the milk come? It is the mother’s mechanism, biological mechanism, that transforms her blood into milk. You are really drinking white blood.”

My grandmother used to close her ears, “Don’t say such words because then I will not be able to drink it. I will remember ‘white blood.’ Never do such things to an old woman like me.”

I had a strong feeling from the very beginning that this was just blood. That’s why it increases your blood so quickly, and that’s why the child needs only milk; that’s enough, that is all his food. The mother’s milk provides the child all necessary food; nothing else is needed — and those are the days of its growth. So milk is a whole food.

On the one hand I had a strong hatred for milk because it is non-vegetarian; secondly, you are depriving the child of the cow or the buffalo. That milk is not for you. The cow has her own kids, and the milk has come to her breasts for those kids, not for you.

You will be surprised that in a country like India which pretends to be non-violent, they kill the cow’s kids because the cow will give milk first to the kids; otherwise she will try and kick you and your bucket and…. Naturally the mother wants her child to be taken care of first. Who are you? Sitting on a small stool with a bucket and trying to milk the cow — who are you? And the milk is not meant for you.

The cow has no way to know that you have purchased her. She does not understand money and purchasing or anything, but she understands one thing, that her own child is standing there deprived. So what do the Indians do? — they kill the child, stuff it, and keep the dead stuffed child close to the cow’s breasts so she goes on believing that the kid is there. The kid is dead, it is stuffed — all his bones and everything have been taken out — just to deceive the cow.

And these people believe that they are religious people, non-violent, believing in truth. They are even deceiving a poor cow. And the cow they call “mother cow”; in India the cow is worshipped like a mother. But what strange people: you worship your mother and you kill your brother? And particularly if the child is a male child, then certainly he has to be killed. If it is a female child then she is going to become a cow, so somehow she has to be preserved, but a male child can be killed. But if the cow is your mother, then the bull is bound to be your father, and you are committing patricide! — killing bulls. And the purpose of this is just to deceive their “mother,” whom they worship, for whom they create great political movements. They create riots if somebody kills a cow and continually they are asking the government to stop cow slaughter absolutely.

And what they go on doing is so ugly you cannot believe it. When I saw it for the first time in Calcutta, it was the worst thing I had ever seen. Hindus who call the cow the mother, and who are ready to be killed or to kill anybody to save the mother, do something which everybody in the world has to understand to appreciate how people can be hypocrites. They push a bamboo stick into the cow’s vagina when they are milking her. Pushing this bamboo stick in her vagina forces her to give more milk, almost double the quantity. These people call the cow mother and are fighting for her so that cow slaughter should be stopped — and this is what they are doing to their mother: pushing a bamboo in her vagina just to get the double quantity of milk.


When first I saw it with my own eyes, it became even difficult for me to drink milk with open eyes. But Devaraj my chef has been of great help. He has dropped all milk products — milk, butter, ghee, everything — from my food, and I feel really clean. Of course, I have lost weight, but what purpose is weight? I don’t look cut out of marble but there is no need to look cut out of marble — there are enough marble statues.

For the first time in my life I am feeling at ease with food. In India it was impossible because everybody was harassing me: “If you drop milk then there is nothing in the food. If you drop curd then there is nothing in the food. If you don’t take butter then you will lose weight.” But that weight was causing me all kinds of difficulties. Right now all of my difficulties have disappeared.

My breathing is no longer a trouble, and as my weight has been coming down my back has been getting better. Strangely, since the weight has come below one hundred and thirty pounds, my back is absolutely right. There is no strain at all; otherwise once in a while I used to feel the strain in a certain position. Now in no position am I feeling the strain.

Source – Osho Book “From Personality to Individuality”

NOTE: One of the most popular misconceptions of modern times is that cow’s milk and all its derivatives like curd, cheese, ghee etc are good for us. To learn more about the effects of cow’s milk on the human body follow here: Dairy Protein and Cancer

Pattaya Thailand – Diamonds in the rough

Working as a travel agent in Thailand often leads me to Pattaya for a week or 2 of work throughout the year. Pattaya is well known for its busy nightlife, red light districts and the infamous walking street. 

A stroll out of your hotel to find some food at night and you will be confronted by many scantily clad ladies trying to lure you into there massage parlor or gogo bar.They have a slogan in this town “Good guys go to heaven, bad guys go to Pattaya” and this may be true but I was determine to discover some culture and hidden gems in this sleaze ridden town after all I was still in tropical asia, the land of the Buddha.

I had heard of a magical place before and seen photos of what looked like something from a Disney movie. I set out to discover “The Sanctuary of Truth” to see if the legends were true. And true they were, as I approached this megolithic structure towering above me, my breath was truly taken away. I had seen many temples in Thailand perhaps hundreds. But rarely does one have such an effect on me as did “The Sanctuary of Truth.” The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and it was the feeling of being in the presence of something truly magic. The Sanctuary of Truth is completely hand carved from wood, even the bolts and binders holding it together are all completely wood. The details were impeccable and faultless but also very organic. I believe it was the pure passion and detail that had been woven into this beast that gave it the power it possessed. In a digital world that often feels so disconnected from purity and in a place like Pattaya where perverted and sadistic minds run rampant. This was Art at its purest form and no unpure energy was going to touch it, it stood tall and strong on its own, perched up – overlooking the ocean. It was a haven of peace and magic. Inside and out. A place I will never forget.

My next discovery was the “Khao Chi Chan Buddha” also known as Buddha Mountain. This is a magnificent image of Buddha carved into a massive rock wall. This unique structure attracts many tourists and passers by as it can be seen from miles away. You can’t help but wonder as you stare at this perfect image of Buddha is… how did they do it? It is a feat of wonder and beauty, surrounded by a lush garden and forest its a great place to disconnect from Pattaya city, enjoy some fruits and snap a few photos with your loved ones.

Not far from Buddha Mountain is “Viharn Sien” a Chinese art Temple Museum. A home to the shrines of many ancient Warriors and Saints. A small 40baht entry fee gets you through the gates to wander the temple grounds graced by massive statues of towering figures accompanied by their description and story. You can take a walk through ancient history in this majestic palace. As I wondered the bottom floor I was determined and hoping to come across a Legend I had read so much about – “Bodhidarma.” It wasn’t until I reached the second floor outside level I came face to face with the man himself. The original master of Zen and Kung Fu. This was a great moment for me. 


So there I was in the presence of magic and greatness in Pattaya. Yes the stories are true, Pattaya has a dark side, take a stroll down the infamous walking street and you will see many sad and sorry faces. But follow your heart and you will find the magic in this place and your energy will be uplifted by pure art and history. 

Enjoy Pattaya! 

On my next journey in Pattaya I plan to visit the Islands and seek out some beautiful beaches. Stay tuned for that!