Princeloo – Nights Like This


It’s those magic nights that we remember long after the party is over, the kind that have us reeling in the moment, feeling alive with passion. These are the moments that can inspire creative art and sound, this is exactly the feeling Haitian born DJ/Producer Princeloo has captured in his thumping new dance single “Nights Like This”

This feel good track has the reggae rhymes that get us bouncing from the opening verse, coupled with a euphoric female vocal this slick combination of both melody and fire is unique and electric. “Caught in the sound,” is the lyric that describes the feeling Nights Like This encompasses, we experience and share the ecstasy that Princeloo portrays in the track. That’s what makes this an epic dance floor hit!

When the big beat kicks and Princeloo drops the lyric “We Live for nights like this” you can be sure everyone in the club will be feeling the energy from the explosive rhymes and sonic electronic sounds blasting from the DJ. The kick and snare sequence to follow is a rhythmic sensation cleverly composed to lift the track even higher, its a sound that breathes freedom and it takes the listener on a fun ride.

Princeloo has really nailed it in Nights Like This! The production is on point, a testament to Princeloo’s dedication to the music. Now residing in Australia, he is living and breathing dance music production and with the release of Nights Like This we can expect to hear this and many other great music productions coming from the Princeloo vault and onto the airwaves! 

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SIORE – Change Your Mind

Melbourne soulful electronic duo Siore have just dropped their latest single Change Your Mind, the second release from their forthcoming EP. This is a strong follow up to their previous single Release me to the Sea which was met with great reviews across Australia.

Vocalist Evans has a deep and powerful voice that is engaging, with striking lyrics that are dark and emotional. Change Your Mind has a feeling that is unique, blending electronic and organic instruments to create a sound that stands on its own and cannot be pigeon holed into any cliché genre.

The lyrics in Change Your Mind are poetic and provoke thoughts and emotions that reflect on the inner mental challenges we face, with the chorus line asking the question “Is there anything, that could change your mind, anything at all?” This could be interpreted in many ways to the listener, but I feel the intention behind the songs message is to inspire change within one’s self. Whatever the direct meaning may be, the raw emotion contained within the lyrics are relatable to many life experiences and it reaches out and connects with the audience.

Change your Mind was Produced and mixed in Brisbane by ARIA nominated producer and mastering engineer Stuart Stuart, who has captured the duos sound perfectly. Some key production elements have really brought out the unique characteristics the band possesses creating a deep impression on the listener’s ear.

Siore’s live shows have been gaining allot of attention around Melbourne selling out at many venues, the single launch for Change Your Mind will be held on Sun. 28 October 2018 at the Workers Club in Brunswick. Catch them at their next show to see what all the hype is about.

A sample of the song “Change Your Mind” below


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