My Ayahuasca story – Riding the Slippery Serpent

Being in the music industry I became surrounded by interesting people of alI walks of life, free-thinking creative types and in 2010 I became connected with someone who invited my band to participate in an Ayuhuasca ceremony facilitated by a Shaman. I had heard about Ayahuasca, I had watched documentaries about it and knew it was a pretty big deal but little did I know that the events to follow would change my life forever.

Leading up to the ceremony I was given strict guidelines to follow, eat a vegan diet with no added sugar or salt and abstain from sex, drugs, alcohol and pretty much everything else I considered fun at the time. Friday night came around and I found myself with 2 of my band mates and about 10 other people I had never met sitting in a circle in a dark room preparing to induce the thick dark potion presented to me by the Shaman.

After ingesting the thick goo we were all instructed to relax in the lotus position and wait for the plant spirit to arrive. Sitting in darkness with only the sound of breath from the people around me I began to wonder if anything was going to happen, 30 minutes past and there was not much to report. Then the Shaman re-enters the room, he begins to sing in a language I do not understand this is when something inside me awoke.

A snake awoke from inside my body slowly slithering in time and motion with the sounds of the shaman, climbing through my body I sensed this snake was about to unleash something hellish upon me. As the intensity of the shaman’s song built so did the serpents dance and then it happened, my world broke apart, my ego shattered into a thousand pieces. I was neither upside down, forwards, backwards or inside out. I was suspended face to face with the snake, his tongue flapping in my face showing me every bad thing I have ever done in my life!

Stepping through a bazaar passage of time into a world that had no time, the fear ran throughout my body this was not a hallucination, this was more real than anything I had experienced. Leaving our 3 dimensional world behind I stepped into a new world and 10 dimensional geometric patterns filled the air, I could see through the front and back of my head and at times it was all too much to bear. By this time the serpent had a strong hold on me and any resistance to his grip and I could feel it would bring the contents of my stomach to the surface.

Wails, cries and the sounds of purging filled the room and as the serpent pulled the dark energies from our bodies the shaman responded with an explosive thunder from his didgeridoo. This was a war! A war being waged between good and evil and the shaman had a very big job wrestling with all that was being thrown at him. Everyone in the room was intensely connected, I could feel and see the energy from others and sometimes communicating telepathically to the other people in the room.

The serpents ride seemed to go on forever and as visions of death consumed me the vomit expelled from my human body, squeezing my insides dry. Twisting me like an old sink sponge and then throwing me onto an anvil to be smashed by a giant hammer. Hours of ego shattering madness passed, moving between worlds and communicating with various beings from the inner and outer galaxies. Some friendly and some not so friendly. Relentless, topsy turby fury unfolded and refolded as the mind bended and boggled. 

With multiple trips to the toilet and violent purging (often at the same time!) the waste expelled from my body and when all the darkness had been pulled from my inner core I was finally floating in hyperspace, exhausted – motionless with no ego left to talk. Only a pure ball of energy and the shaman’s song guiding my boat down a slip stream of cosmic water. Gently carrying me into the early hours of the morning the serpent ducked and weaved his magic within my soul, showing me visions of ancient recollects from Egyptian Tombs, Aboriginal art and Buddha himself. The mind continued to expand as it filled with codes from ancient times. 

The bumpy ride was now over, as the clouds disappeared rays of light beamed down from above and raw emotions filled my heart. As tears fell from my eyes the plant spirit wrapped her tendrils around me holding me and loving me like a mother, showing me that life was simple and there was no need for conflict, worry or fear. Cradling me in her arms like a child she rocked me back and forth to the sound of the Shaman’s song. The feeling of oneness filled the room, inhibitions were lost as strangers hugged one another with no words spoken, only an exchange pure love – heart to heart. 

As I woke the next day I knew this was the start of a new journey, one that would take me out of the conventional world into a more conscious lifestyle. I came back again and again to meet the shaman and his serpent brew each time stripping another layer away, peeling me like an onion. All had been revealed it was now up to me to absorb what the serpent had shown me and integrate it into my life.


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