Rossa – Talk to Me

Intriguing and powerful lyricism meets grinding rock in “Talk to Me,” the latest release from Melbourne artist Rossa. With radio from Australia and abroad already getting behind this hot new track, 2019 by all accounts, will no doubt be a big year for Rossa’s music.

Peter Senior – Baby I Love You

Sydney theatrical jazz rocker Peter Senior treats us again to a tasty new single “Baby I Love You” this is the second stellar release from his debut album On The Edge. Receiving an already overwhelming response from the Australian audience Baby I Love You shot into the iTunes Pop top 10 on the first week of its release!

Nouri – Where do we go from here

Princeloo – Nights Like This


It’s those magic nights that we remember long after the party is over, the kind that have us reeling in the moment, feeling alive with passion. These are the moments that can inspire creative art and sound, this is exactly the feeling Haitian born DJ/Producer Princeloo has captured in his thumping new dance single “Nights Like This”

This feel good track has the reggae rhymes that get us bouncing from the opening verse, coupled with a euphoric female vocal this slick combination of both melody and fire is unique and electric. “Caught in the sound,” is the lyric that describes the feeling Nights Like This encompasses, we experience and share the ecstasy that Princeloo portrays in the track. That’s what makes this an epic dance floor hit!

When the big beat kicks and Princeloo drops the lyric “We Live for nights like this” you can be sure everyone in the club will be feeling the energy from the explosive rhymes and sonic electronic sounds blasting from the DJ. The kick and snare sequence to follow is a rhythmic sensation cleverly composed to lift the track even higher, its a sound that breathes freedom and it takes the listener on a fun ride.

Princeloo has really nailed it in Nights Like This! The production is on point, a testament to Princeloo’s dedication to the music. Now residing in Australia, he is living and breathing dance music production and with the release of Nights Like This we can expect to hear this and many other great music productions coming from the Princeloo vault and onto the airwaves! 

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SIORE – Change Your Mind

Melbourne soulful electronic duo Siore have just dropped their latest single Change Your Mind, the second release from their forthcoming EP. This is a strong follow up to their previous single Release me to the Sea which was met with great reviews across Australia.

Vocalist Evans has a deep and powerful voice that is engaging, with striking lyrics that are dark and emotional. Change Your Mind has a feeling that is unique, blending electronic and organic instruments to create a sound that stands on its own and cannot be pigeon holed into any cliché genre.

The lyrics in Change Your Mind are poetic and provoke thoughts and emotions that reflect on the inner mental challenges we face, with the chorus line asking the question “Is there anything, that could change your mind, anything at all?” This could be interpreted in many ways to the listener, but I feel the intention behind the songs message is to inspire change within one’s self. Whatever the direct meaning may be, the raw emotion contained within the lyrics are relatable to many life experiences and it reaches out and connects with the audience.

Change your Mind was Produced and mixed in Brisbane by ARIA nominated producer and mastering engineer Stuart Stuart, who has captured the duos sound perfectly. Some key production elements have really brought out the unique characteristics the band possesses creating a deep impression on the listener’s ear.

Siore’s live shows have been gaining allot of attention around Melbourne selling out at many venues, the single launch for Change Your Mind will be held on Sun. 28 October 2018 at the Workers Club in Brunswick. Catch them at their next show to see what all the hype is about.

A sample of the song “Change Your Mind” below


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Hunter DeBlanc – Sydney

Sometimes we hear a new song that makes our ears prick up instantly, the song grabs all our attention and we stop what we are doing to listen and groove along. That is the reaction I had when I heard Hunter DeBlancs new single “Sydney”.

For those of you who are new to Hunters music, it’s got that rad retro influence that never goes out of style. Sydney blends a cool array of synth-pop sounds and Hunters vocal draws us in from the opening line “forgive me” before exploding into a golden mix of INXS style guitar licks and that big dance floor beat. The production is aurally impressive, it’s a sound fit to dominate radio stations and dancefloors around the world – because we just can’t get enough!

The lyrics reflect on Hunters wild weekends and late nights drinking and going off the deep end as he makes reference to his escape to a big city down under, sailing out past the iconic opera house. It’s clever, catchy and cool as f*k! This song is an anthem and will surely have people of all ages throwing their hands in the air and singing along. It’s that secret formula to a killer song that Hunter has unlocked in Sydney – it’s got feeling, it’s got soul and it connects with us in the heart all the while making us dance, sing along and go crazy.

Hunter is a well-seasoned singer and instrumentalist one that can back up his recorded performance very well on the live stage, he’s a mad talent and has certainly nailed it in this pumping track. It’s only a matter of time before Sydney goes viral, perhaps by the time I have finished posting this review.

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Michael Burrows – Turn this love around

When a talented and passionate singer/songwriter from Melbourne Australia by the name of Michael Burrows lands himself in a Nashville studio with some of the best country music players and producers in the world, a creative vision comes to light and a music masterpiece is born. Turn this love around is the second single released from the Michael Burrows debut EP and is a heartfelt and romantic song of love.

The track has a classic organic country sound mixed with that distinct Australian flavour and soul. The uplifting lyrics remind us that when our relationships get tough we can always put our problems or differences aside and turn things around for the better. It’s poetically sweet and creatively written in a way that warms our heart, the lyrics penetrate deep and have us singing along – long after the song is over.

The music arrangement is performed by a very talented band including Chris McHugh drummer for Keith Urban, Pat Buchanan guitar for Dolly Parton, Travis Tritt and B James Lowry guitar for Faith Hill, Jewel, Lee Ann Womack. This is Nashvilles A list of session players and the result is delightfully sweet allowing Burrows music and voice to shine, showing all its shades and colours. The chorus vocal is so beautifully harmonized that it lifts us up while adding a touch of sorrow that pulls on our heartstrings, it is real and connects to the listener on many levels.

Australian radio has already started lapping up this alt-country rock beauty with some big love coming from Triple M & The KIX Country network. ABC radio in Bundaberg, Queensland recently named Michael Burrows EP as Album of the Week so it is safe to say Turn this love around is getting the attention and recognition it deserves.

Request this gem on your radio station, links to Michael Burrows below.
Michael Burrows – Please don’t Cry | Esquire Sound song review

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Izellah – Island Holiday

Schools out! Get ready for some fun, we are heading to where the sun is shining with Izellah on an Island Holiday! Rising pop star Izellah has a rocking new party anthem Island Holiday, a fantastic follow up to her EP Be Yourself and the single Unbeatable that was released earlier this year (2018).

This Caribbean style adventure song is loaded with fun and catchy lyrics that take you to an island paradise and brighten your day wherever you are. Izellah has us feeling the sand beneath our feet and the sweet taste of coconut and lime as she sings about escaping to a fun and sunny Island Holiday. Like a true party song it’s got that big dance beat and funky groove to get the party rocking and have everybody on the dancefloor.

With such a big voice and impressive vocal range it’s hard to believe Izellah is just 11 years old. This little ray of sunshine is not only making a huge name for herself through her amazing music releases, she has also been singing and dancing up a storm on the Broadway stage starring in musical hits such as The Sound of Music, The King and I, Music Man and a leading role as Matilda in Tim Minchen’s Matilda.

It’s without a doubt that Izellah is bringing allot of excitement to Australian music and with great songs like Island Holiday in her already impressive music catalogue the future looks bright for this talented young star.

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Peter Nigido – Turn a Page

Cole Pheonix – Stone Woman

Cole Pheonix is a Singer, Songwriter hailing from Brisbane, Australia who has a long list of achievements and quality music releases dating back to her first album in 2010. She has a deep passion for writing music with a strong message, her latest single release Stone Woman is a great follow up to her 2017 release Back Back to me and a fantastic addition to her already impressive catalogue.

In theme with her previous single and steering away from some of her earlier 80’s inspired synth pop tracks, Stone Woman is more pop rock with a splice of 60’s flavour and the vocal performance shows her diversity and creativity as an artist. Her delivery is strong and incredibly soulful, comparable to the likes of artists like Amy Winehouse and Adele – Stone Woman is a big statement and is backed up with a powerful performance.

The production and musical arrangement behind this engaging and soul filled track rival any current contemporary pop hit around today, its fresh sounding with a big driving beat that makes you want to dance! The piano and intricate guitar licks fill the mix nicely and are supported with a floating big band horn section and moving percussive layers. Coles hook laden vocals sit brilliantly in the mix and have you singing along, long after the song is over.

Overall this is a very well produced track with an international sound and affirms Cole Pheonix as a well seasoned artist and writer. The unique fusion of genres aided by slick modern production makes Stone Woman suitable for both radio and a potential hit on the dancefloor. Keep an eye out for the music video for Stone Woman due to be released soon and check out more great music from Cole Pheonix on her social media links below.