Izellah – Island Holiday

Schools out! Get ready for some fun, we are heading to where the sun is shining with Izellah on an Island Holiday! Rising pop star Izellah has a rocking new party anthem Island Holiday, a fantastic follow up to her EP Be Yourself and the single Unbeatable that was released earlier this year (2018).

This Caribbean style adventure song is loaded with fun and catchy lyrics that take you to an island paradise and brighten your day wherever you are. Izellah has us feeling the sand beneath our feet and the sweet taste of coconut and lime as she sings about escaping to a fun and sunny Island Holiday. Like a true party song it’s got that big dance beat and funky groove to get the party rocking and have everybody on the dancefloor.

With such a big voice and impressive vocal range it’s hard to believe Izellah is just 11 years old. This little ray of sunshine is not only making a huge name for herself through her amazing music releases, she has also been singing and dancing up a storm on the Broadway stage starring in musical hits such as The Sound of Music, The King and I, Music Man and a leading role as Matilda in Tim Minchen’s Matilda.

It’s without a doubt that Izellah is bringing allot of excitement to Australian music and with great songs like Island Holiday in her already impressive music catalogue the future looks bright for this talented young star.

To purchase your copy of Island Holiday visit this link http://hyperurl.co/IslandHolidayIzellah

Izellah on Facebook https://web.facebook.com/Izellah/

Izellah Official Website: https://www.izellah.com/music

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Peter Nigido – Turn a Page

Cole Pheonix – Stone Woman

Cole Pheonix is a Singer, Songwriter hailing from Brisbane, Australia who has a long list of achievements and quality music releases dating back to her first album in 2010. She has a deep passion for writing music with a strong message, her latest single release Stone Woman is a great follow up to her 2017 release Back Back to me and a fantastic addition to her already impressive catalogue.

In theme with her previous single and steering away from some of her earlier 80’s inspired synth pop tracks, Stone Woman is more pop rock with a splice of 60’s flavour and the vocal performance shows her diversity and creativity as an artist. Her delivery is strong and incredibly soulful, comparable to the likes of artists like Amy Winehouse and Adele – Stone Woman is a big statement and is backed up with a powerful performance.

The production and musical arrangement behind this engaging and soul filled track rival any current contemporary pop hit around today, its fresh sounding with a big driving beat that makes you want to dance! The piano and intricate guitar licks fill the mix nicely and are supported with a floating big band horn section and moving percussive layers. Coles hook laden vocals sit brilliantly in the mix and have you singing along, long after the song is over.

Overall this is a very well produced track with an international sound and affirms Cole Pheonix as a well seasoned artist and writer. The unique fusion of genres aided by slick modern production makes Stone Woman suitable for both radio and a potential hit on the dancefloor. Keep an eye out for the music video for Stone Woman due to be released soon and check out more great music from Cole Pheonix on her social media links below.


Peter Senior – Cool Ride

Spawning from Sydney’s musical stage is theatrical jazz rock artist Peter Senior, a singer songwriter with a strong sense of musicology – bringing together many contemporary pop modalities and injecting them with old school soul! His hot single Cool Ride taken from the debut album On the Edge sounds strikingly fresh and original all the while lifting you up like a Motown classic.

This track put simply is sex on wheels, playfully referencing a heated experience of passion and lust to motorcar, its bold and playful and so cleverly done leaving you hanging on every word in the lyrics.

The music production and arrangement is delivered with the feeling and soul of a timeless classic, something that is very rare to find in modern digitally recorded music. The instrumentation has a wide stereo image and Peters deep rich voice sits beautifully in the center surrounded by a flamboyant brass section, a breathy female vocal and some piping hot piano riffs. 

The music video to accompany Cool Ride stars a sassy female mechanic with hands that wander across the sleek curves of a Ford Mustang cutting between steamy scenes of passion with a tall, dark and handsome, Its tastefully done and compliments the song so well.

Its obvious that Peter has a great ability to capture the true and real live essence of music in his recorded environment and a gift for bringing a creative vision to light, I could only imagine how incredible this music would be performed live. 

Hear more great music from Peter’s On the Edge Album here: https://www.petersenior.com.au

Check out the video for Cool Ride below:

Jason Mraz – Love Is Still the Answer 

Love Is Still the Answer is a beautifully melodic and very fresh sounding work of art from Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Jason Mraz. Featured as the final track on his latest album “Know” Mraz has taken time off from his Broadway career to shine on some new music to the world.

Love Is Still the Answer sings with lush orchestral beauty and the lyrics are breathtakingly poetic that deliver a heartwarming positive message, this song will surely be serenading sweethearts from all corners of the globe. Jason Mraz shows off his sweet and exquisite falsetto as the track moves through a colourful country chord progression and ¾ waltz with a chorus that is delightfully harmonized with a female voice.

Jason Mraz is an ever-evolving musical talent constantly delivering timeless classics and showing us he has many more years of fantastic music to give. 

Listen to the song in the video below:

Tom Morello – “We don’t need you” feat. Vic Mensa

Undoubtedly one of the greatest guitar players ever to grace the planet – Tom Morello dropped a new song and video this week for his album “The Atlas Underground.” This collaboration is fronted by the voice of controversial Hip Hop lyricists Vic Mensa in a foot stomping track “We don’t Need you.”

Vic Mensa is known for his thought provoking lyrics and We don’t need you in no exception, in this song making a strong statement against the lies told by the US Federal Government and the mainstream media. Dropping references to the 9/11 hoax and the US privatized prison system. This song is clearly on a mission to have people question everything they have been told and it does that well.

Musically this song is more hip hop than rock with a minimalistic arrangement that keeps most of the focus on the voice and lyrics. But a Morello track wouldn’t be complete without some crazy guitar work and that is dropped in the way of a left field solo sounding like a Storm Trooper laser gun. The production of this song is really quite unique and that’s what makes it so cool.

From what I have heard The Atlas Underground album is gonna be a killer with a long list of diverse artists like Bassnectar, RZA and Killer Mike – but RATM fans please don’t expect a RATM album just embrace Toms new thing.  Album drops Oct 2018. Get your ears around “We don’t need you” in the video below!

S3 Saba Brothers – Walk Away

Listen to the song review here:


There is something extra special about family members combining their creative talents in the musical form, there is a synchronicity and connection that shines brightly which is exactly what I felt when I listened to the single “Walk Away” from Sydney based Trio S3 Saba Brothers.

Walk Away is the first single taken from the debut EP “Life” and is surely just the beginning of big things to come for this bright, sharp and incredibly talented band of brothers. The message in this song is one of empowerment and positivity something that is consistent throughout allot of S3’s music. Musically the song has a groove reminiscent of bands like The Living End and Greenday but still remains unique with the boys carving out their own dynamic flavour and sound.

The live performance video the Saba Brothers have released for Walk Away shows their energy and showmanship as a live band, the passion displayed in their live show is infectious and has everyone in the crowd involved. It’s hard to believe that Nathan the lead singer and bass player is only 14 years old and brothers Stephen and Raymond still in their late teens. The rocking beats and rhythm of Walk Away had me dialing up my master volume for full effect!

With a trip onto their social media sites to look a bit more into the history of Saba Brothers and I can see there is something really exciting developing here, the boys are a hard working unit already hitting the road, touring the east coast and finding a strong online presence. There is really no limits for these boys, with the power of positivity in there sound and the connection shared as a family we can expect to see more great music and big things coming from the S3 Saba Brothers camp! Rock on boys!

Watch the video for Walk Away below:

OptiMystic MC – Dreams Alive feat Tenette Smith, Sickflo & Mic Handz

Listen to the song review here:

With the current hip hop trend soaked with mumbling artists that sound high on crack, it’s refreshing to hear the spit fire energy blasting from my cans as I turn up the volume on OptiMystic’s new track Dreams Alive. This song climbs in a fashion that has me lifting off the floor, the sharp mathematical rhymes are so driven and focused I feel I’m riding shot gun with OptiMystic and crew steering the wheel.

Hailing from Perth, Australia OptiMystic is a roots driven Hard Yakka MC that certainly brings the vibe on any track he touches. With a knack for bringing great international artists together this installment of OptiMystic’s journey is an explosive collaborating with Atlanta MC Sickflo, Brooklyns Mic Handz and Chicago Soul Sister Tenette Smith.

Dreams Alive is heavy with a groove that feels like it’s come from the streets of a ‘Gangsters Paradise’, Tenette Smith’s smooth and soulful voice opens the track and has the listener hooked before the first verse kicks. We hear each artist trade off with devotion, expressing the values of staying true and chasing dreams all professed with blood, sweat and tears – this track is lit and legit! It’s truly a no holds barred experience with every artist leaving everything on the table.

After hearing this gem it’s no doubt that OptiMystic’s new Album Salty Waterz is going to be an absolute thrill ride for fans that salivate to the sounds of artists like KRS 1, Tech 9 and Xzibit. Make sure you give this Album the justice it deserves and turn that sucker up loud!!

Find OptiMystic on Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/OptimysticMc/

Michael Burrows – Please don’t cry

Listen to the song review here:

Taken from the debut EP “Turn this Love around”, our introduction to Michael Burrows is the first single “Please don’t cry” a brilliant delivery of folk, country-pop artistry.

Opening with a smooth blend of acoustic folk guitars we hear Burrows sing the story of a relationship coming to an end, delivered in an honest fashion that many listeners can relate to.

I picture Burrows sitting back comfortably on his lounge room sofa writing this track with words flowing in between sips of Aussie Ale, It has that vibe. And It has us singing along to the clever lyrics “The cover band have finished playing ‘the last goodbye’, so please don’t cry.”

Burrows voice seeps shades of Pat Monahan from the band Train with a touch of Australian soul you would expect in a Crowded House classic. The iconic country slide guitar is the icing on the cake and the result is sleek and not overdone in the least.

Produced by some of the finest in Australian folk, country production including Grammy-award winner Steve Marcantonio “Please don’t cry” has warmth and depth with a sound that sits comfortably amongst its contemporary folk rock counterparts, leaving the listener keen to hear more music from this emerging melodic storyteller.

Check out the song and video below for the single – Please don’t cry