Osho – The door to the divine

From the secret of secrets , Vol 2 

‘I teach dance, I teach music, I teach singing. I want your body to vibrate at the optimum, I want your body to become a pulsating, streaming phenomenon; not a stagnant pool, but a running, rushing river to the ocean.
When you are sensuous God is available. All the mysteries are close by, because that is the only way to know the mysterious.

Sensuousness means you are open, your doors are open, you are ready to throb with existence. 

A sensuous person starts feeling as if the cuckoo is not calling from some faraway mango grove, but from deep down within his own soul. It becomes his own call, it becomes his own longing for the divine, his own longing for the beloved. In that moment the observer and the observed are one. Seeing a beautiful flower bloom, the sensuous person blooms with it, becomes a flower with it.

The sensuous person is liquid, flowing, fluid. Each experience, and he becomes it. Seeing a sunset, he is the sunset. Seeing a night, a dark night, beautiful silent darkness, he becomes the darkness. In the morning he becomes the light.

He is ALL that life is. He tastes life from every nook and comer. Hence he becomes rich; this is real richness. Listening to music he is music, listening to the sound of water he becomes that sound. And when the wind passes through a bamboo grove, and the cracking bamboos… he is not far away from them. He is amidst them, one of them — he is a bamboo.

To be sensuous is to be available to the mysteries of life. Become more and more sensuous, and drop all condemnation. Let your body become just a door. All your senses should become clear doors with no hindrances, so when you hear you become the music, and when you see you become the light, when you touch you become that which you have touched.

Trust this growing sensitivity. This is the door to the divine.’


The Affection of a Tree | Story by Osho

I have heard that there was once an ancient and majestic tree, with branches spreading out towards the sky. When it was in a flowering mood, butterflies of all shapes, colors and sizes danced around it. When it grew blossoms and bore fruit, birds from far lands came and sang in it. The branches, like outstretched hands, blessed all who came and sat in their shade. A small boy used to come and play under it, and the big tree developed an affection for the small boy.

Love between big and small is possible, if the big is not aware that it is big. The tree did not know it was big; only man has that kind of knowledge. The big always has the ego as its prime concern, but for love, nobody is big or small. Love embraces whomsoever comes near.

So the tree developed a love for this small boy who used to come to play near it. Its branches were high, but it bent and bowed them down so that he might pluck its flowers and pick its fruit. Love is ever ready to bow; the ego is never ready to bend. If you approach the ego, its branches will stretch upwards even more; it will stiffen so you cannot reach it.

The playful child came, and the tree bowed its branches. The tree was very pleased when the child plucked some flowers; its entire being was filled with the joy of love. Love is always happy when it can give something; the ego is always happy when it can take.


The boy grew. Sometimes he slept on the tree’s lap, sometimes he ate its fruit, and sometimes he wore a crown of the tree’s flowers and acted like a jungle king. One becomes like a king when the flowers of love are there, but one becomes poor and miserable when the thorns of the ego are present. To see the boy wearing a crown of flowers and dancing about filled the tree with joy. It nodded in love; it sang in the breeze. The boy grew even more. He began to climb the tree to swing on its branches. The tree felt very happy when the boy rested on its branches. Love is happy when it gives comfort to someone; the ego is only happy when it gives discomfort.

With the passage of time the burden of other duties came to the boy. Ambition grew; he had exams to pass; he had friends to chat with and to wander about with, so he did not come often. But the tree waited anxiously for him to come. It called from its soul, “Come. Come. I am waiting for you.” Love waits day and night. And the tree waited. The tree felt sad when the boy did not come. Love is sad when it cannot share; love is sad when it cannot give. Love is grateful when it can share. When it can surrender, totally, love is the happiest.

As he grew, the boy came less and less to the tree. The man who becomes big, whose ambitions grow, finds less and less time for love. The boy was now engrossed in worldly affairs.

One day, while he was passing by, the tree said to him, “I wait for you but you do not come. I expect you daily.”


The boy said, “What do you have? Why should I come to you? Have you any money? I am looking for money.” The ego is always motivated. Only if there is some purpose to be served will the ego come. But love is motiveless. Love is its own reward.

The startled tree said, “You will come only if I give something?” That which withholds is not love. The ego amasses, but love gives unconditionally. “We don’t have that sickness, and we are joyful,” the tree said. “Flowers bloom on us. Many fruits grow on us. We give soothing shade. We dance in the breeze, and sing songs. Innocent birds hop on our branches and chirp even though we don’t have any money. The day we get involved with money, we will have to go to the temples like you weak men do, to learn how to obtain peace, to learn how to find love. No, we do not have any need for money.”

The boy said, “Then why should I come to you? I will go where there is money. I need money.” The ego asks for money because it needs power.
The tree thought for a while and said, “Don’t go anywhere else, my dear. Pick my fruit and sell it. You will get money that way.”


The boy brightened immediately. He climbed up and picked all the tree’s fruit; even the unripe ones were shaken down. The tree felt happy, even though some twigs and branches were broken, even though some of its leaves had fallen to the ground. Getting broken also makes love happy, but even after getting, the ego is not happy. The ego always desires more. The tree didn’t notice that the boy hadn’t even once looked back to thank him. It had had its thanks when the boy accepted the offer to pick and sell its fruit.

The boy did not come back for a long time. Now he had money and he was busy making more money from that money. He had forgotten all about the tree. Years passed. The tree was sad. It yearned for the boy’s return — like a mother whose breasts are filled with milk but whose son is lost. Her whole being craves for her son; she searches madly for her son so he can come to lighten her. Such was the inner cry of that tree. Its entire being was in agony.
After many years, now an adult, the boy came to the tree.

The tree said, “Come, my boy. Come embrace me.”

The man said, “Stop that sentimentality. That was a childhood thing. I am not a child any more.” The ego sees love as madness, as a childish fantasy.

But the tree invited him: “Come, swing on my branches. Come dance. Come play with me.”

The man said, “Stop all this useless talk! I need to build a house. Can you give me a house?”

The tree exclaimed: “A house! I am without a house.” Only men live in houses. Nobody else lives in a house but man. And do you notice his condition after his confinement among four walls? The bigger his buildings, the smaller man becomes. “We do not stay in houses, but you can cut and take away my branches — and then you may be able to build a house.”

Without wasting any time, the man brought an axe and severed all the branches of the tree. Now the tree was just a bare trunk. But love cares not for such things — even if its limbs are severed for the loved one. Love is giving; love is ever ready to give.


The man didn’t even bother to thank the tree. He built his house. And the days flew into years.

The trunk waited and waited. It wanted to call for him, but it had neither branches nor leaves to give it strength. The wind blew by, but it couldn’t even manage to give the wind a message. And still its soul resounded with one prayer only: “Come. Come, my dear. Come.” But nothing happened.

Time passed and the man had now become old. Once he was passing by and he came and stood by the tree.

The tree asked, “What else can I do for you? You have come after a very, very long time.”

The old man said, “What else can you do for me? I want to go to distant lands to earn more money. I need a boat, to travel.”

Cheerfully, the tree said, “But that’s no problem, my love. Cut my trunk, and make a boat from it. I would be so very happy if I could help you go to faraway lands to earn money. But, please remember, I will always be awaiting your return.”

The man brought a saw, cut down the trunk, made a boat and sailed away.

Now the tree is a small stump. And it waits for its loved one to return. It waits and it waits and it waits. The man will never return; the ego only goes where there is something to gain and now the tree has nothing, absolutely nothing to offer. The ego does not go where there is nothing to gain. The ego is an eternal beggar, in a continuous state of demand, and love is charity. Love is a king, an emperor! Is there any greater king than love?

I was resting near that stump one night. It whispered to me, “That friend of mine has not come back yet. I am very worried in case he might have drowned, or in case he might be lost. He may be lost in one of those faraway countries. He might not even be alive any more. How I wish for news of him! As I near the end of my life, I would be satisfied with some news of him at least. Then I could die happily. But he would not come even if I could call him. I have nothing left to give and he only understands the language of taking.”
From Sex to Superconsciousness, Chapter-1

Life belongs to those who can play

Life belongs to those who can play.

There is an old Sufi fable.

In a very ancient family there was some musical organ, but people had completely forgotten how to play it. Generations came and people even forgot that it was a musical organ. It was gathering dust.

It was a very big organ and it was taking up much space. One day the family decided to throw this nonsense.


They said, ‘This is just a nuisance. Why should we keep it?’ They took it out; they threw it on the road.

They had just reached home when a beggar started playing upon the organ.

Time stopped. They simply turned. The whole traffic stopped, people came rushing from their houses; they forgot everything. For one hour the beggar was playing on it.

It was so beautiful, so enchanting — they were just hypnotised. And when the music ended the family demanded their organ back.


The beggar said, ‘It is not yours, because a musical instrument belongs to one who can play with it. There is no other ownership. It may have remained in your house for many centuries but it doesn’t belong to you. You are not worthy of it. I am the owner!’

And of course the whole crowd agreed with the beggar — that he was the owner — because what does one mean by ownership?

A musical instrument belongs to one who can play with it.

And that’s how it is: life belongs to those who can go deeper and deeper and deeper into it.

– Osho
excerpt taken from the book – God is not for sale


Osho talks about his 96 Rolls Royces

People are very much interested in your Rolls Royces. What do You want to prove with this, so many cars and so much luxury around You? 

Why are people concerned? Then certainly they need it; then more Rolls Royces will be here. Until they stop asking me, more and more Rolls Royces are going to be here. Now it has to be seen that it is a challenge: the day nobody asks me about Rolls Royces, they will not be coming.
People’s interest in Rolls Royces shows their mind. They are not interested what is happening here. They don’t ask about meditation, they don’t ask about sannyas, they don’t ask about people’s life, love, the laughter that happens in this desert. They only ask about Rolls Royces. That means I have touched some painful nerve. And I will go on pressing it till they stop asking.

I am not a worshipper of poverty. That’s what those Rolls Royces prove. I respect wealth. Nobody before me had the guts to say it. The pope cannot say that he respects wealth, although he is the wealthiest man on the earth. 

I am not a hypocrite. I am the poorest man on the earth. I don’t have a single cent with me. But I want to show these people what attracts their mind. If there were no Rolls Royces here, perhaps there would be nothing for the whole world ask about me, about you, about meditation, about initiation into sannyas, about love, about anything. It is for those idiots that I am keeping all those Rolls Royces, because they cannot move their eyes away from those Rolls Royces. And meanwhile I will go on pouring other things in their minds. Without those Rolls Royces they would not have asked a single question.

Those Rolls Royces are doing their work. Every idiot around the world is interested in them. And I want them to be somehow interested—in anything in Rajneeshpuram. Then we will manage about other things. 

So tell those people—when anybody asks, tell them that “These Rolls Royces are for you idiots. Otherwise you are not interested in anything.” Once they stop asking about Rolls Royces, then I will have to think of something else, whether to have rockets which are going to the moon…. I will have to think of something else. 

– Osho , The last testament


Osho on depression

Osho on Depression 

Remember this: Whenever you are depressed, wait for the moment that the depression goes. Nothing lasts forever; the depression will go. And when it leaves you, wait – be aware and alert – because after the depression, after the night, there will be a dawn and the sun will rise. If you can be alert in that moment. you will he happy that you were depressed. You will be grateful that you are depressed because only through your depression was this mint of happiness possible.

But what do we do? We move in an infinite regression We get depressed. Then we get depressed because of the depression: a second depression follows. If you are depressed. that′s okay! – nothing is wrong in it. It is beautiful because through it you will learn and mature. But then you feel badly. “Why do I get depressed? I should not get depressed.” Then you start fighting with the depression. The first depression is good, but the second depression is unreal. And this unreal depression will cloud your mind. You will miss the moment that would have followed the real depression.

When depressed, be depressed. Simply be depressed. Don′t get depressed about your depression. When depressed, simply be depressed. Don′t fight it, don′t create any diversion, don′t force it to go. Just allow it to happen; it will go by itself. Life is a flux; nothing remains the same. You are not needed; the river moves by itself, you don′t have to push it. If you are trying to push it, you are simply foolish. The river flows by itself. Allow it to flow.
When depression is there, allow it to be. Don′t get depressed about it. If you want to remove it sooner, you will get depressed. If you fight it, you will create a secondary depression that is dangerous. The first depression is beautiful, God-given. The second depression is your own. It is not God-given; it is mental. Then you will move in mental grooves. They are infinite.

If you get depressed, be happy that you are depressed and allow the depression to be. Then suddenly the depression will disappear and there will be a breakthrough. No clouds will be there and the sky will be clear. For a single moment, heaven opens for you. If you are not depressed about your depression you can contact, you can commune, you can enter this heavenly gate. And once you know it, you have learned one of the ultimate laws of life: that life uses the opposite as a teacher, as a back-ground.

(Osho – The New Alchemy: To Turn You On #8, The Silence That Follows the Storm)

The Save Movement

Animal rights activists from around the world are conducting more Slaughterhouse vigils than ever before, this is sending a clear message to animal agriculture that people standing up for animal rights are not going away. The turnouts to these events are growing, they are becoming more organized and broadcasted to a wider audience on social media.

The vigils are conducted as a peaceful protest where activists extend their compassion, reach out to the animals with offerings of water and simply bear witness and capture their final moments to share their story with the world. Even in the face of such horrendous conditions where the animals are seen crammed into trucks and sent to their death the message the activists are sending is one of peace, Love, compassion and awareness.

With these stories being shared via social media on such a large scale, people who were simply unaware and oblivious to what is happening are seeing the truth and with the vegan movement growing at such a fast rate the day will soon arrive where the activists will outnumber authorities and the majority vote will finally put an end to this horrific trade.

If you would like to be involved in a vigil in your area please connect with THE SAVE MOVEMENT

Videos below take from Vigils during 2017 

That Vegan Couple –
vigil in Melbourne, Australia

Earthling Ed – 
vigil in Essex, England

World Plant Milk Day

August 22nd is World Plant Milk Day, a day we all celebrate the unstoppable trend of dairy free milk.

Cows Rejoice!
The global market for plant-based milk is forecast top a massive $16.3 billion dollars in 2018 – up dramatically from $7.4 billion in 2010. This is resulting in thousands of dairy farms closing, with recent reports showing more than a 1,000 closing in the UK since June 2013.

Dairy-free for Good Health!
There is a long-standing misconception that we need dairy milk for good health, especially calcium for strong bones. However, research over the past 20 years suggests the opposite: osteoporotic bone fracture rates are actually highest in countries that consume the most dairy, calcium, and animal protein. There is now extensive evidence that consuming milk or dairy products may contribute to the risk of several chronic health conditions like prostate and ovarian cancers, autoimmune diseases, and some childhood ailments. Learn more HERE

Plant milk is better for the environment, better for animal welfare and better for your health. There are so many different varieties to try these days, gone are the days when there was only soya milk available. My own favourite is Oat milk – if you haven’t tried them yet then give one a go. 

Osho – Cows Milk & Dairy

It is rare to find a spiritual teacher wise and bold enough to challenge our fond assumptions about the goodness of milk. Osho rises to the occasion and shares from the heart…

I have hated milk from my very childhood, but because everybody loved my body, and my family insisted that without milk you cannot remain the way you are, I had been drinking milk against my will. That is the only thing in my life that I have done against my will. And the only way I could manage it was to stop breathing and take the whole glass in a single gulp so that I didn’t smell it, because I can’t stand it. I have tried all kinds of milks, but I can’t stand the smell.

My feeling has been always — and I told my family” — Jainas should stop using all milk products because milk is just like meat. It is not vegetarian, it is animal food; and it has a double violence in it. From where does the milk come? It is the mother’s mechanism, biological mechanism, that transforms her blood into milk. You are really drinking white blood.”

My grandmother used to close her ears, “Don’t say such words because then I will not be able to drink it. I will remember ‘white blood.’ Never do such things to an old woman like me.”

I had a strong feeling from the very beginning that this was just blood. That’s why it increases your blood so quickly, and that’s why the child needs only milk; that’s enough, that is all his food. The mother’s milk provides the child all necessary food; nothing else is needed — and those are the days of its growth. So milk is a whole food.

On the one hand I had a strong hatred for milk because it is non-vegetarian; secondly, you are depriving the child of the cow or the buffalo. That milk is not for you. The cow has her own kids, and the milk has come to her breasts for those kids, not for you.

You will be surprised that in a country like India which pretends to be non-violent, they kill the cow’s kids because the cow will give milk first to the kids; otherwise she will try and kick you and your bucket and…. Naturally the mother wants her child to be taken care of first. Who are you? Sitting on a small stool with a bucket and trying to milk the cow — who are you? And the milk is not meant for you.

The cow has no way to know that you have purchased her. She does not understand money and purchasing or anything, but she understands one thing, that her own child is standing there deprived. So what do the Indians do? — they kill the child, stuff it, and keep the dead stuffed child close to the cow’s breasts so she goes on believing that the kid is there. The kid is dead, it is stuffed — all his bones and everything have been taken out — just to deceive the cow.

And these people believe that they are religious people, non-violent, believing in truth. They are even deceiving a poor cow. And the cow they call “mother cow”; in India the cow is worshipped like a mother. But what strange people: you worship your mother and you kill your brother? And particularly if the child is a male child, then certainly he has to be killed. If it is a female child then she is going to become a cow, so somehow she has to be preserved, but a male child can be killed. But if the cow is your mother, then the bull is bound to be your father, and you are committing patricide! — killing bulls. And the purpose of this is just to deceive their “mother,” whom they worship, for whom they create great political movements. They create riots if somebody kills a cow and continually they are asking the government to stop cow slaughter absolutely.

And what they go on doing is so ugly you cannot believe it. When I saw it for the first time in Calcutta, it was the worst thing I had ever seen. Hindus who call the cow the mother, and who are ready to be killed or to kill anybody to save the mother, do something which everybody in the world has to understand to appreciate how people can be hypocrites. They push a bamboo stick into the cow’s vagina when they are milking her. Pushing this bamboo stick in her vagina forces her to give more milk, almost double the quantity. These people call the cow mother and are fighting for her so that cow slaughter should be stopped — and this is what they are doing to their mother: pushing a bamboo in her vagina just to get the double quantity of milk.


When first I saw it with my own eyes, it became even difficult for me to drink milk with open eyes. But Devaraj my chef has been of great help. He has dropped all milk products — milk, butter, ghee, everything — from my food, and I feel really clean. Of course, I have lost weight, but what purpose is weight? I don’t look cut out of marble but there is no need to look cut out of marble — there are enough marble statues.

For the first time in my life I am feeling at ease with food. In India it was impossible because everybody was harassing me: “If you drop milk then there is nothing in the food. If you drop curd then there is nothing in the food. If you don’t take butter then you will lose weight.” But that weight was causing me all kinds of difficulties. Right now all of my difficulties have disappeared.

My breathing is no longer a trouble, and as my weight has been coming down my back has been getting better. Strangely, since the weight has come below one hundred and thirty pounds, my back is absolutely right. There is no strain at all; otherwise once in a while I used to feel the strain in a certain position. Now in no position am I feeling the strain.

Source – Osho Book “From Personality to Individuality”

NOTE: One of the most popular misconceptions of modern times is that cow’s milk and all its derivatives like curd, cheese, ghee etc are good for us. To learn more about the effects of cow’s milk on the human body follow here: Dairy Protein and Cancer

Osho on Running Meditation

[A sannyasin asks: I’m a runner and when I run each day I get a feeling very much like when I’m doing dynamic meditation… Can I use it as a meditation?]

Osho – Yes, use it as much as you can. If you can run then there is no need for any other meditation – it is enough! … Any action in which you can be total becomes meditation, and running is so beautiful that you can be totally lost in it. And you are in contact with all the elements – the sun, the air, the earth, the sky; you are in contact with existence.

When you are running your breathing naturally goes very deep and it starts massaging the hara centre… which is in fact the centre from where meditative energy is released. It is just below the navel, two inches below the navel. When breathing goes deep it massages that centre, makes it alive. And when you are running, you are throwing all carbon dioxide out of your lungs. Carbon dioxide makes people dull, dead, frozen, blocked.

Carbon dioxide is good for trees and very bad for man. We are in mutual agreement with the trees: they inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen; we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. That’s why as there are becoming less and less trees on the earth, man is becoming less and less alive, because the partner is dying. That’s the whole meaning of ecology: we are together! You breathe out, the tree breathes in; the tree breathes out, you breathe in. The tree purifies you through oxygen, you nourish the tree through carbon dioxide.

When you are running, the whole carbon dioxide is thrown out and your lungs are full of oxygen. When they are full of oxygen they purify the blood, they purify the whole system. That’s what purity is; it has nothing to do with morality. Purity has something to do with biology, it is a biological concept. When your blood is pure and is not hampered by poisons and used garbage – it is red and alive, full of joy and each drop of blood is dancing in you – you are in the right mood to catch meditation. Then there is no need to do it – it happens!

Running against the wind is a perfect situation. It is a dance of the elements. And while running you cannot think: if you are thinking, then you are not running rightly. When you are running totally, thinking stops. You become too earth-bound, the head no more functions. The body is in such an activity that there is no energy left for the head to go on and on; the thinking stops.

And in those moments of non-thinking, your existence is pure, you simply are, you don’t know who. You don’t know if you are Indian, German, English, Christian, Mohammedan – you don’t know who you are. All is forgotten, you are unburdened of the head… you are again an animal! In that moment – when you are again an animal – there is a possibility to contact god.

This is my message – that before a man can contact god he will have to become an animal, never before it… because man is a false entity, not authentic at all. Before we can rise high and reach the ultimate we will have to become authentic, as authentic as animals. Through running that authenticity happens…. It is perfectly good, and now it will be coming more and more because now you know what meditation is.

And both these things will help each other: in meditation you will again and again come to those moments which come in running, and in running you will come again and again to those moments which come in meditation. By and by both methods will become one. Then there will be no need to do them separately: you can run and meditate, you can meditate and run.

Sometimes try one technique…. Just lying down on the bed, imagine that you are running. Just imagine the whole scene: the trees and the wind and the sun and the whole beach and the salty air. Imagine everything, visualise it, make it as colourful as possible. Remember any morning that you liked the most – when you were running on some beach or in some forest. Let it fill you completely… even the smell of the trees, the pine trees, or the smell of the beach.

Anything that you have liked very much, let it be there as if it is almost real; then start running in imagination – you will find that your breathing is changing. Go on running… and you can do this for miles. There is no end to it, you can do it for hours. And you will be surprised that even doing this on the bed, you will attain to those moments again when suddenly the meditation is there. So if some day you cannot run for some reason – you are ill, or the situation does not allow, or the city is not worth running in, you cannot run – you can do this and you will attain to the same moments.

Source: from Osho Book “This is It”

Cacao Mouse Raw Vegan

Super Delicious, Super easy to make Healthy and will give you loads of energy!

2 Avocado
Cacao Powder or Nibs
Almond Milk 3/4 of a cup
Agave Syrup or Rice/Maple Syrup

Combine in Blender
Scoop out Avocado
Pour in Almond Milk
add 1 table spoon of Agave syrup
3 table spoons of Cacao Powder
Blend up until smooth and creamy
garnish with chia seeds, strawberries and mint leaves

**I find it tastes even better after sitting in the fridge overnight. 😉