Chiang Mai Cosplay Contest 2019

It was another glorious day in Chiang Mai and Tida and I had just caught wind of a Book Fair happening across town nearby the Airport Plaza. This book fair also happened to be host to an Annual Cosplay Contest! Well, damn who doesn’t like a good Cosplay Contest?! All that funky coloured hair and excitement.

Tida whipped out her favorite military costume (Cammy from Street Fighter style), I put the camera gear together and we hightailed it on down to the book fair to see what all the fuss was about.

It turned out to be a smashing event full of colourful crazy kids creatively expressing themselves through fantasy characters. We were surrounded by bunny ears, blue hair, Superheros and wizardry, and Tida caught some fantastic interviews.

Tune into our YouTube edition of Chiang Mai’s annual Cosplay event and Enjoy the Ride!