Jason Mraz – Love Is Still the Answer 

Love Is Still the Answer is a beautifully melodic and very fresh sounding work of art from Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Jason Mraz. Featured as the final track on his latest album “Know” Mraz has taken time off from his Broadway career to shine on some new music to the world.

Love Is Still the Answer sings with lush orchestral beauty and the lyrics are breathtakingly poetic that deliver a heartwarming positive message, this song will surely be serenading sweethearts from all corners of the globe. Jason Mraz shows off his sweet and exquisite falsetto as the track moves through a colourful country chord progression and ¾ waltz with a chorus that is delightfully harmonized with a female voice.

Jason Mraz is an ever-evolving musical talent constantly delivering timeless classics and showing us he has many more years of fantastic music to give. 

Listen to the song in the video below:

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