London Travel Tips

London! A complete contrast from my home base in Chiang Mai, Thailand. London is Fasted paced and F-F-Freezing cold! 

A shock to the system but I embraced every moment and open myself to new things! The result, great experiences and memories! 

Im working for an amazing travel company in Thailand and we promote our Thailand tours to people in the UK, so this London trip had some business mixed in with plenty of spare time to rome around and see the special sights of London and the England countryside.

This blog may help you if you are a traveling vegan or just wanting to learn a few things about the great city of London, I will also lend my tips on saving a few dollars during your stay.


If your travelling from SE Asia or the middle East Gulf Air is a great choice, an airline with reasonable prices and great service. One of the best vegan meals I have been served in the air. You will make a quick stop over in Bahrain if travelling from Asia 🙂

Transport around London

The train and bus service is extremely reliable, I was super impressed. At first it will look daunting looking at the multi-level system of subways and DLRs but it only took me one day out to get an understanding of it.
Download the free phone App called Citymapper. Its amazing! It uses your location and shows you exactly where to walk on the map to catch each form of transport, shows how far away the transport is from arriving. You just follow the blue dot and you will have no problems. An all day ticket cost me 12pounds. I suggest getting an “Oyster card” which you can re-use, you will save some money and as busses don’t take cash you will need it.

Cabs – Those old school looking cabs although look awesome are waaay too expensive. Download an App called “Uber” this links in with the other cheaper cabs, shows you where they are and allows you to msg them directly to arrange pickup. The cabbie that picked me up was super stylish and cool dude wearing a suit and cranking the tunes, It was like flying around London with 007 behind the wheel!


I got a sim card from Lebara mobile. I topped it up with 10 pounds and that gave me all the data I needed during my 9 days.


England grows amazing vegetable! Rich juicy tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and kale. I picked these items up quite cheap at a little Tesco Express close by to where I was staying. Baked Beans were cheap as chips so these were the staple of my diet during my stay also found at Tesco Express. 
I found many vegan restaurants using Happy Cow 



Take a stroll through old London town, its a great experience. Soho had all the big theatres, lots of sculptures and statues to see. Im not a fan of the Royals but I did cruise past Buckingham Palace for a sniff, lots of people crowded around some interesting statues to see. If you keep walking you will get to St James Park, this was the highlight of my day. Lots of nature and wildlife right in the middle of London. 
If you have the doe, you gotta go! – Too… Stonehenge!!
It exceeded all expectations, I booked my tour with Golden Tours, you join the coach from London city, there was a number of tours listed on their website. The one I chose was titled “Private viewing of Stonehenge (access stone circle) and the Roman Baths.” The tour took us to the town of Bath and some other small towns paved in cobble stone and looked like something from a Harry Potter movie. But it was entering the centre of Stonehenge that was indeed the highlight. You can view my video from that experience HERE

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