OptiMystic MC – Dreams Alive feat Tenette Smith, Sickflo & Mic Handz

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With the current hip hop trend soaked with mumbling artists that sound high on crack, it’s refreshing to hear the spit fire energy blasting from my cans as I turn up the volume on OptiMystic’s new track Dreams Alive. This song climbs in a fashion that has me lifting off the floor, the sharp mathematical rhymes are so driven and focused I feel I’m riding shot gun with OptiMystic and crew steering the wheel.

Hailing from Perth, Australia OptiMystic is a roots driven Hard Yakka MC that certainly brings the vibe on any track he touches. With a knack for bringing great international artists together this installment of OptiMystic’s journey is an explosive collaborating with Atlanta MC Sickflo, Brooklyns Mic Handz and Chicago Soul Sister Tenette Smith.

Dreams Alive is heavy with a groove that feels like it’s come from the streets of a ‘Gangsters Paradise’, Tenette Smith’s smooth and soulful voice opens the track and has the listener hooked before the first verse kicks. We hear each artist trade off with devotion, expressing the values of staying true and chasing dreams all professed with blood, sweat and tears – this track is lit and legit! It’s truly a no holds barred experience with every artist leaving everything on the table.

After hearing this gem it’s no doubt that OptiMystic’s new Album Salty Waterz is going to be an absolute thrill ride for fans that salivate to the sounds of artists like KRS 1, Tech 9 and Xzibit. Make sure you give this Album the justice it deserves and turn that sucker up loud!!

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  1. Stoney
    Stoney says:

    Wow you said everything and anything that was needed. Heed the warnings. Guaranteed banger right here. Glad to see someone do exactly what they said 20 years ago while puffing at my mums house. Honestly I didn’t know you would come this far. Props and big ups to matty c aka optimystic. Much love even more respect.

  2. isor, aka Ian Sordon
    isor, aka Ian Sordon says:

    Yep, Most def, one of the stand out tracks on an awesome album by Optimystic MC. Much respect to Sickflo, Mic Handz and Tenette Smith.

    Salty Waterz is monsterous piece of work and this track is no exception. Speak of winning, i think they have already won.


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