Osho, what to do with my sex desire?


“ Whenever you feel sex desire arising, there are three possibilities:
one, indulge in it ordinary, everybody is doing that;
second: repress it, force it down so it goes beyond your consciousness into the darkness of the unconscious. Throw it into the basement of your life.
That’s what your so-called extraordinary people are doing mahatmas, saints, monks. But both are against nature. Both are against the inner science of transformation.

The third – a very rare minority ever tries it – is, when the sex desire arises, close your eyes.
It is a very valuable moment: desire arising is energy arising.
It is like the sun rising in the morning. Close your eyes; this is the moment to be meditative. Move downwards to the sex center where you are feeling the thrill the vibration, the kick.
Move there and just be a silent onlooker. Witness it, don’t condemn it. The moment you condemn you have gone far away from it.
And don’t enjoy it, because the moment you enjoy you are unconscious.

Just be alert, watchful, like a lamp burning in a dark night. You just take your consciousness there, unflickering, unwavering. You see what is happening at the sex centre. What is this energy?

Don’t call it names because all words have become contaminated. Even if you say it is sex, immediately you have started condemning it. The very word has become condemnatory.
Or, if you belong to the new generation, then the very word has become something sacred. But the word is always loaded with emotion.
Any word which is loaded with emotion becomes a barrier on the path of awareness. You just don’t call it anything.

Just watch the fact that an energy is arising near the sex center.
There is a thrill – watch it. And watching it, you will feel a totally new quality of energy. Watching it, you will see it is rising upwards. It is finding a path inside you.
And the moment it starts rising upwards you will feel a coolness falling on you, a silence surrounding you, a grace, a beatitude, a benediction, a blessing all around you.

It is no longer like a thorn, painful. It no longer hurts; it is very soothing, like a balm. And the more you remain aware, the higher it will go. If it can come up to the heart, which is not very difficult -difficult, but not very difficult..
If you remain alert you will see it has come to the heart. When it comes to the heart you will know for the first time what love is.
Up to now you have been carrying a counterfeit in the name of love.

When the energy comes to the heart chakra, then it is transformed into love.
Once it is transformed into love, once you have felt it, once it has penetrated you, your whole being will feel purified. You will feel virgin, you will feel so pure, so holy, that you cannot think that heaven is anywhere else.
You will know it is within you, within your heart. “
The Beloved, Vol. 2 , chapter 7. Chapter name : They Kill Lust with Lust.

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