Osho – The door to the divine

From the secret of secrets , Vol 2 

‘I teach dance, I teach music, I teach singing. I want your body to vibrate at the optimum, I want your body to become a pulsating, streaming phenomenon; not a stagnant pool, but a running, rushing river to the ocean.
When you are sensuous God is available. All the mysteries are close by, because that is the only way to know the mysterious.

Sensuousness means you are open, your doors are open, you are ready to throb with existence. 

A sensuous person starts feeling as if the cuckoo is not calling from some faraway mango grove, but from deep down within his own soul. It becomes his own call, it becomes his own longing for the divine, his own longing for the beloved. In that moment the observer and the observed are one. Seeing a beautiful flower bloom, the sensuous person blooms with it, becomes a flower with it.

The sensuous person is liquid, flowing, fluid. Each experience, and he becomes it. Seeing a sunset, he is the sunset. Seeing a night, a dark night, beautiful silent darkness, he becomes the darkness. In the morning he becomes the light.

He is ALL that life is. He tastes life from every nook and comer. Hence he becomes rich; this is real richness. Listening to music he is music, listening to the sound of water he becomes that sound. And when the wind passes through a bamboo grove, and the cracking bamboos… he is not far away from them. He is amidst them, one of them — he is a bamboo.

To be sensuous is to be available to the mysteries of life. Become more and more sensuous, and drop all condemnation. Let your body become just a door. All your senses should become clear doors with no hindrances, so when you hear you become the music, and when you see you become the light, when you touch you become that which you have touched.

Trust this growing sensitivity. This is the door to the divine.’


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