Nouri – Where do we go from here

The single Where do we go from here is as beautiful as Nouri’s look, in a style that could be described as chilled-house, it is an elegant mix of melody and passion.

Hunter DeBlanc – Sydney

Sometimes we hear a new song that makes our ears prick up instantly, the song grabs all our attention and we stop what we are doing to listen and groove along. That is the reaction I had when I heard Hunter DeBlancs new single “Sydney”.

For those of you who are new to Hunters music, it’s got that rad retro influence that never goes out of style. Sydney blends a cool array of synth-pop sounds and Hunters vocal draws us in from the opening line “forgive me” before exploding into a golden mix of INXS style guitar licks and that big dance floor beat. The production is aurally impressive, it’s a sound fit to dominate radio stations and dancefloors around the world – because we just can’t get enough!

The lyrics reflect on Hunters wild weekends and late nights drinking and going off the deep end as he makes reference to his escape to a big city down under, sailing out past the iconic opera house. It’s clever, catchy and cool as f*k! This song is an anthem and will surely have people of all ages throwing their hands in the air and singing along. It’s that secret formula to a killer song that Hunter has unlocked in Sydney – it’s got feeling, it’s got soul and it connects with us in the heart all the while making us dance, sing along and go crazy.

Hunter is a well-seasoned singer and instrumentalist one that can back up his recorded performance very well on the live stage, he’s a mad talent and has certainly nailed it in this pumping track. It’s only a matter of time before Sydney goes viral, perhaps by the time I have finished posting this review.

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Michael Burrows – Turn this love around

When a talented and passionate singer/songwriter from Melbourne Australia by the name of Michael Burrows lands himself in a Nashville studio with some of the best country music players and producers in the world, a creative vision comes to light and a music masterpiece is born. Turn this love around is the second single released from the Michael Burrows debut EP and is a heartfelt and romantic song of love.

The track has a classic organic country sound mixed with that distinct Australian flavour and soul. The uplifting lyrics remind us that when our relationships get tough we can always put our problems or differences aside and turn things around for the better. It’s poetically sweet and creatively written in a way that warms our heart, the lyrics penetrate deep and have us singing along – long after the song is over.

The music arrangement is performed by a very talented band including Chris McHugh drummer for Keith Urban, Pat Buchanan guitar for Dolly Parton, Travis Tritt and B James Lowry guitar for Faith Hill, Jewel, Lee Ann Womack. This is Nashvilles A list of session players and the result is delightfully sweet allowing Burrows music and voice to shine, showing all its shades and colours. The chorus vocal is so beautifully harmonized that it lifts us up while adding a touch of sorrow that pulls on our heartstrings, it is real and connects to the listener on many levels.

Australian radio has already started lapping up this alt-country rock beauty with some big love coming from Triple M & The KIX Country network. ABC radio in Bundaberg, Queensland recently named Michael Burrows EP as Album of the Week so it is safe to say Turn this love around is getting the attention and recognition it deserves.

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Michael Burrows – Please don’t Cry | Esquire Sound song review

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Michael Burrows – Please don’t cry

Listen to the song review here:

Taken from the debut EP “Turn this Love around”, our introduction to Michael Burrows is the first single “Please don’t cry” a brilliant delivery of folk, country-pop artistry.

Opening with a smooth blend of acoustic folk guitars we hear Burrows sing the story of a relationship coming to an end, delivered in an honest fashion that many listeners can relate to.

I picture Burrows sitting back comfortably on his lounge room sofa writing this track with words flowing in between sips of Aussie Ale, It has that vibe. And It has us singing along to the clever lyrics “The cover band have finished playing ‘the last goodbye’, so please don’t cry.”

Burrows voice seeps shades of Pat Monahan from the band Train with a touch of Australian soul you would expect in a Crowded House classic. The iconic country slide guitar is the icing on the cake and the result is sleek and not overdone in the least.

Produced by some of the finest in Australian folk, country production including Grammy-award winner Steve Marcantonio “Please don’t cry” has warmth and depth with a sound that sits comfortably amongst its contemporary folk rock counterparts, leaving the listener keen to hear more music from this emerging melodic storyteller.

Check out the song and video below for the single – Please don’t cry

My Ayahuasca story – Riding the Slippery Serpent

Being in the music industry I became surrounded by interesting people of alI walks of life, free-thinking creative types and in 2010 I became connected with someone who invited my band to participate in an Ayuhuasca ceremony facilitated by a Shaman. I had heard about Ayahuasca, I had watched documentaries about it and knew it was a pretty big deal but little did I know that the events to follow would change my life forever.

Leading up to the ceremony I was given strict guidelines to follow, eat a vegan diet with no added sugar or salt and abstain from sex, drugs, alcohol and pretty much everything else I considered fun at the time. Friday night came around and I found myself with 2 of my band mates and about 10 other people I had never met sitting in a circle in a dark room preparing to induce the thick dark potion presented to me by the Shaman.

After ingesting the thick goo we were all instructed to relax in the lotus position and wait for the plant spirit to arrive. Sitting in darkness with only the sound of breath from the people around me I began to wonder if anything was going to happen, 30 minutes past and there was not much to report. Then the Shaman re-enters the room, he begins to sing in a language I do not understand this is when something inside me awoke.

A snake awoke from inside my body slowly slithering in time and motion with the sounds of the shaman, climbing through my body I sensed this snake was about to unleash something hellish upon me. As the intensity of the shaman’s song built so did the serpents dance and then it happened, my world broke apart, my ego shattered into a thousand pieces. I was neither upside down, forwards, backwards or inside out. I was suspended face to face with the snake, his tongue flapping in my face showing me every bad thing I have ever done in my life!

Stepping through a bazaar passage of time into a world that had no time, the fear ran throughout my body this was not a hallucination, this was more real than anything I had experienced. Leaving our 3 dimensional world behind I stepped into a new world and 10 dimensional geometric patterns filled the air, I could see through the front and back of my head and at times it was all too much to bear. By this time the serpent had a strong hold on me and any resistance to his grip and I could feel it would bring the contents of my stomach to the surface.

Wails, cries and the sounds of purging filled the room and as the serpent pulled the dark energies from our bodies the shaman responded with an explosive thunder from his didgeridoo. This was a war! A war being waged between good and evil and the shaman had a very big job wrestling with all that was being thrown at him. Everyone in the room was intensely connected, I could feel and see the energy from others and sometimes communicating telepathically to the other people in the room.

The serpents ride seemed to go on forever and as visions of death consumed me the vomit expelled from my human body, squeezing my insides dry. Twisting me like an old sink sponge and then throwing me onto an anvil to be smashed by a giant hammer. Hours of ego shattering madness passed, moving between worlds and communicating with various beings from the inner and outer galaxies. Some friendly and some not so friendly. Relentless, topsy turby fury unfolded and refolded as the mind bended and boggled. 

With multiple trips to the toilet and violent purging (often at the same time!) the waste expelled from my body and when all the darkness had been pulled from my inner core I was finally floating in hyperspace, exhausted – motionless with no ego left to talk. Only a pure ball of energy and the shaman’s song guiding my boat down a slip stream of cosmic water. Gently carrying me into the early hours of the morning the serpent ducked and weaved his magic within my soul, showing me visions of ancient recollects from Egyptian Tombs, Aboriginal art and Buddha himself. The mind continued to expand as it filled with codes from ancient times. 

The bumpy ride was now over, as the clouds disappeared rays of light beamed down from above and raw emotions filled my heart. As tears fell from my eyes the plant spirit wrapped her tendrils around me holding me and loving me like a mother, showing me that life was simple and there was no need for conflict, worry or fear. Cradling me in her arms like a child she rocked me back and forth to the sound of the Shaman’s song. The feeling of oneness filled the room, inhibitions were lost as strangers hugged one another with no words spoken, only an exchange pure love – heart to heart. 

As I woke the next day I knew this was the start of a new journey, one that would take me out of the conventional world into a more conscious lifestyle. I came back again and again to meet the shaman and his serpent brew each time stripping another layer away, peeling me like an onion. All had been revealed it was now up to me to absorb what the serpent had shown me and integrate it into my life.


Ashram Life – The birth of Vaju

The year of 2011 was the hardest time in my life. I had been working my whole life towards having a successful career in music. Financially it was tough and I was feeling severely overworked. I had pushed myself to my absolute breaking point. On top of that my Love relationships were failing, I had grown unhealthy attachments which were the cause of all my suffering and I had fallen into self destructive behaviour and when I finally awoke in a hospital bed one morning I knew it was time for a change. So began my journey to the forest and to discover a magical place. – Samaya Ashram,  and the beautiful family of people there who accepted me with all my wounds and all my sadness and shone a light on me that would change my life forever!


As the sun rises I wake in my cabin to the sound of the forest birds singing their beautiful song. I walk out my front door and look over this magnificent 100 acre property to see wallabies playing and munching on the lush grass and plants. I make my way down to the meditation hall past the big banana trees. Its 6am and the prana energy and vital essence is strong in the air, I step inside embracing the peace that is present in the room. I take up a place next to my beautiful brothers and sister and turn my awareness inwards, allowing the movement of my thoughts to settle as i journey to my centre. We sit in silent meditation then listen to discourses from Osho to help expand our awareness and knowledge of the inner world. The sound of the bell eventually brings me back into my body and I mindfully make my way down to our eating place and fill my plate with rich nutritious cereals, nuts and fruit. I sit down in the garden to enjoy the morning sun as i eat my delicious breakfast picking the fresh herbs around me to add to my cup of tea.

There is peace among my friends as we all give gratitude for our beautiful surroundings enjoying a laugh and sharing our feelings and emotions. Breakfast finishes and I set out to do my daily work which today is deep in the forest building forest trails. Walking through my picturesque surroundings, the clean crisp forest air fills my lungs. I explore a world that seems so far from the life I left behind. I stop for a moment to think.. how did i get here, where am I… who am I?
I am here in this present moment, becoming aware, becoming awake. The work strengthens my body, lifting rocks , hauling logs and digging trenches… all part of this daily meditation in action exercise. 

Lunch time arrives, we gather together and join hands to chant “Om” 3 times and begin to indulge in a colourful meal filled with fresh greens and hearty grains. Our food is prepared according to the book “Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity” a diet our master Samaya has followed through out his life and is a testament to its benifits. An 83 year old man that can beat us all in an uphill race and can work digging lifting like he was 25 years old. After lunch the sun is shining brightly so I walk down to the waterfall to wash and soak in spring water. I stand naked in the river looking around.. Am i dreaming? This world around me is something I could only compare to things I have seen in the movies.. Its magical, sureal… breathtaking. I dive under the water and as i rise to the surface the water streams off my hair, i feel the old world i used to know wash away… all the stresses and anxiety of the city life, the constant doing and sickness of the outside world disappears. 

I meditate on the warm rocks and let the tropical sun dry my body and eventually head back to my cabin to read, meditate and play music on my porch as the sun sets over the green mountains. Dinner time arrives and i sit for another delectable meal, soaking up the great atmosphere of my beautiful family sharing the joyfulness they bring to my life.
The meal is filled with fresh vegetables grown right here in the Ashram gardens and it give us energy for the evening ahead. 7pm arrives which means it time to head back to the meditation hall. as I approach I can feel an energy shift. I step inside to see all the Ashramites dancing frantically to the high energy sounds that fill the room. This is the ritual for every night, “dance meditation”. We dance Rejoicing and celebrating life with every movement. Letting go of everything, becoming totally ecstatic and energised! The music builds and builds and eventually it stops abruptly and we all freeze in silence. I hear a voice “connect with this feeling of Aliveness!” after a few minutes of silence we sit in a circle for more silent meditation. Then we hear a few words from Samaya the elder of the Ashram. He will touch on words from “Osho” and go into a sharing which is the moment we can have a chance to share feelings, emotions and topics that are part of our lives. 

We hear stories of love and intimacy between people, emotional struggles some might be facing and all being expressed openly with no judgement from anyone. The people hear have been an inspiration to me from day one and the more I dedicate myself to the practice of meditation and the teachings of Osho Magical things that are starting to happen within me. After a beautiful evening of meditation and sharing with my friends I make my way back to my cabin. I look in the mirror… Who am I?? My name is Dhyan Vaju. This is the name I have been given by Samaya. Taking on a new name is a way of leaving the old world behind and surrendering fully to Ashram Life. My friends call me Vaju which is a sanskrit name for the great and powerful Hindu Deity that is the lord of the winds, holder of the atmosphere. 

Dhyan is the prefix which means Meditation. I reside in my cabin for the rest of the night reading and playing music and some nights connecting with a close friend. In these moments of total awareness where I have experienced pure bliss.. in dancing, meditation, walking in the forest and making love. being totally present in that moment is where ecstasy can be found. The last few weeks I have experienced some of the hugest highs of my lifetime, with no drugs.. just a clean body. celebrating life, aware of all the beautiful things that surround me in every moment. The birds in the trees, the koalas, the magnificent insects with vibrant colours, the snakes making love in the sand. This is my new life… The life of Dhyan Vaju.