Hua Hin – a Magical Wonderland

There is a special place in my heart for this beautiful little beach town, actually its one of my favorite places in the world to hang out. It surprises me that allot of people travelling to Thailand have never heard of the city of Hua Hin. Perhaps thats what makes it so special, its a bit more exclusive than the touristy cities like Phuket. It is also a little harder to get to as its airport rarely operates, so you will need to catch a 3 hour bus from Bangkok but I promise the journey is well worth it.

Getting to know the locals at Hua Hin Viewpoint

So what makes Hua Hin a Magical Wonderland?
For me it’s the slow paced life, the not so crowded beaches, the abundance of fresh fruit, fresh ocean air, the friendly people, take a trip up to Monkey Mountain or escape to a Magical Waterfall, Hua Hin really does have allot to explore! 

Hua Hin is also a great destination to go and work on your mind, body and spirit because it has lots of fitness centres, swimming pools, yoga centres, affordable therapeutic services, golf courses and running trails.

And If you really want to dance the night away, you can find a busy town centre bustling with night life, bars, nightclubs and restaurants.
Check out Panama Bar in the inner town centre for a bouncing nightclub experience!


Hua Hin Beach

Chiang Mai vs Hua Hin for Digital Nomad living?
Hua Hin could most certainly work as your home base in Thailand whilst working remotely. Finding a fast solid Internet connection is not a problem, there are some nice internet cafes and large shopping malls for all your modern tech gear.

It perhaps doesn’t offer the networking social groups that Chiang Mai is popular for but if you’re the type to work introvertedly then its not a problem. Living is as cheap as Chiang Mai with comfortable apartment rentals for as low as 4,000 baht per month.

It has one major thing over Chiang Mai, clear ocean air all year round and beautiful swimming beaches.

If your looking to stay 12 months or longer hooking up an ED visa is not a problem at one of the local language schools.

Lots of fresh local fruit at great prices

How to buy Bitcoin with Thai Baht

The Crypto currency market is hot property at the moment, with Bitcoin value soaring into the thousands and other strong currencies like Lightcoin and Etherium following suit. If you have been looking to invest into this digital currency market now is the time and with many different online exchanges open for trading I decided to test out one of Thailands most recommended sites. For a full description on this site and its functionality please check out the video below to visit the site click this link: Bitcoin Exchange Thailand

Chiang Mai Vegan Explosion!

Chiang Mai has been rated one of the top Vegan friendly cities in the world, with its abundance of tropical fruits and a saturation of Vegan restaurants its the reason why I have called this place home for the past three years. Its believed there is over 100 vegan friendly places to eat, so where to start??

To ensure you dont miss out on the very best Chiang Mai has to offer, have a read over this article and drool over the pics. 


Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant
Im going to start with one of my neighborhood favorites.
Serving up authentic Thai cuisine done to perfection and bursting with flavor. Anchan always delivers the goods! 
The restaurant is nice inside with friendly staff and the generous portions will ensure you are fully loaded by the time you leave. 
Favorite Dishes: Massaman Curry / Pad Thai 
Google Maps Location


Located inside the Old City Goodsouls is to be experienced to be believed! Undeniably the best burgers found in Chiang Mai, the flavors the sauces and the entire menu is all 100% vegan, made with Love and guaranteed to blow your mind! With an extensive menu covering everything from Pasta’s to Thai food to Burgers to delicious desserts this gem ticks all the boxes. Great customer service with a perfectly priced menu in a modern and cosy, stylish restaurant. Right now this is my top pick, you will see me here every second day! 
Favorite dish: Quinoa Eggplant Burger
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Pun Pun Vegetarian Restaurant 
Located at the back of What Suan Doi Temple with some indoor and outdoor dining. Pun Pun has a very large menu with many creative Thai dishes and healthy drinks. With lower prices and smaller portions, I find the best way to enjoy the food here is to order a variety of things, fill up and table and indulge. Pun Pun’s Som Tum is the best in town! Its truly amazing! Ensure you visit Pun Pun during your time in Chiang Mai.
Favorite Dishes: Som Tum Laos
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Vegan Heaven 
With a massive menu of both Western and Thai dishes. Vegan Heaven has it all! Feeling like a burger and chips, hot dog, falafel or bacon sandwich? Its all at Vegan Heaven all 100% plant based and delicious! Drop in for breakfast and order the breakfast set of scrambled tofu, hash browns, sausage and beans. Prices are excellent, portion sizes are generous, loosen your belt load up and indulge. Enjoy Vegan Heaven and support this 100% Vegan Enterprise in Chiang Mai! 
2 Locations in Chiang Mai with exact same menu
Favorite Dishes: Hot Dog with cheese / Vegan Brownie
Google Maps Location 1
Google Maps Location 2


May Kai Dee 
This little back alley restaurant serves up the most delicious and unique asian dishes. The food always taste fresh and bursting with flavour and like most Chiang Mai restaurants the prices are excellent. The banana flower salad is really something very special and complements all the other dishes. There are some tasty mock meat options that I highly recommend. Its all excellent! A must visit during your stay in Chiang Mai!
Favorite Dishes: Cashew Nut Sushi / Banana flower salad
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ImmAim Vegetarian & Bike Cafe
Owned and operated by local legend Mr O and his family, ImmAim is a trendy little spot in the heart of Santitham. If your after super clean and fresh healthy ingredients, this is your place! The salads are the best in town, the curries hit the spot the smoothies are to die for. Portion sizes are generous and the price is cheap. The interior design on this 2 storey abode is very stylish and makes for a great dining experience. A new addition to ImmAim is the vegan bakery goods including sourdough bread, croissants and other sweet pastries.
Favorite dish: Sweet potato salad with Pumpkin dressing
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Ice Love You
A Vegan ice cream parlor with a Superhero theme! This place is just unbelievably cool, swankfully decorated with some cosy sofas to chill out on. You have tons of home made vegan ice cream flavors to choose from, take a selfie with a superhero mask on and chow down on some mango sticky rice. 
Favorite Dishes: Durian Ice cream / Roti Love you 
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Pure Vegan Heaven
One the newest additions to Chiang Mai’s Vegan circuit and a much needed vegan choice for the Nimman area is Pure Vegan Heaven. They have amazing Mexican food with real authentic Mexican taste! Super fresh ingredients here. Loads of superfood smoothies, Thai dishes and even falafel. A great menu with many creative healthy items to choose from! Drop in for breakfast and get energized with a smoothie bowl. 
Favorite Dishes: Mexican bowl / Soft shell tacos 
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Pattaya Thailand – Diamonds in the rough

Working as a travel agent in Thailand often leads me to Pattaya for a week or 2 of work throughout the year. Pattaya is well known for its busy nightlife, red light districts and the infamous walking street. 

A stroll out of your hotel to find some food at night and you will be confronted by many scantily clad ladies trying to lure you into there massage parlor or gogo bar.They have a slogan in this town “Good guys go to heaven, bad guys go to Pattaya” and this may be true but I was determine to discover some culture and hidden gems in this sleaze ridden town after all I was still in tropical asia, the land of the Buddha.

I had heard of a magical place before and seen photos of what looked like something from a Disney movie. I set out to discover “The Sanctuary of Truth” to see if the legends were true. And true they were, as I approached this megolithic structure towering above me, my breath was truly taken away. I had seen many temples in Thailand perhaps hundreds. But rarely does one have such an effect on me as did “The Sanctuary of Truth.” The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and it was the feeling of being in the presence of something truly magic. The Sanctuary of Truth is completely hand carved from wood, even the bolts and binders holding it together are all completely wood. The details were impeccable and faultless but also very organic. I believe it was the pure passion and detail that had been woven into this beast that gave it the power it possessed. In a digital world that often feels so disconnected from purity and in a place like Pattaya where perverted and sadistic minds run rampant. This was Art at its purest form and no unpure energy was going to touch it, it stood tall and strong on its own, perched up – overlooking the ocean. It was a haven of peace and magic. Inside and out. A place I will never forget.

My next discovery was the “Khao Chi Chan Buddha” also known as Buddha Mountain. This is a magnificent image of Buddha carved into a massive rock wall. This unique structure attracts many tourists and passers by as it can be seen from miles away. You can’t help but wonder as you stare at this perfect image of Buddha is… how did they do it? It is a feat of wonder and beauty, surrounded by a lush garden and forest its a great place to disconnect from Pattaya city, enjoy some fruits and snap a few photos with your loved ones.

Not far from Buddha Mountain is “Viharn Sien” a Chinese art Temple Museum. A home to the shrines of many ancient Warriors and Saints. A small 40baht entry fee gets you through the gates to wander the temple grounds graced by massive statues of towering figures accompanied by their description and story. You can take a walk through ancient history in this majestic palace. As I wondered the bottom floor I was determined and hoping to come across a Legend I had read so much about – “Bodhidarma.” It wasn’t until I reached the second floor outside level I came face to face with the man himself. The original master of Zen and Kung Fu. This was a great moment for me. 


So there I was in the presence of magic and greatness in Pattaya. Yes the stories are true, Pattaya has a dark side, take a stroll down the infamous walking street and you will see many sad and sorry faces. But follow your heart and you will find the magic in this place and your energy will be uplifted by pure art and history. 

Enjoy Pattaya! 

On my next journey in Pattaya I plan to visit the Islands and seek out some beautiful beaches. Stay tuned for that!