The Save Movement

Animal rights activists from around the world are conducting more Slaughterhouse vigils than ever before, this is sending a clear message to animal agriculture that people standing up for animal rights are not going away. The turnouts to these events are growing, they are becoming more organized and broadcasted to a wider audience on social media.

The vigils are conducted as a peaceful protest where activists extend their compassion, reach out to the animals with offerings of water and simply bear witness and capture their final moments to share their story with the world. Even in the face of such horrendous conditions where the animals are seen crammed into trucks and sent to their death the message the activists are sending is one of peace, Love, compassion and awareness.

With these stories being shared via social media on such a large scale, people who were simply unaware and oblivious to what is happening are seeing the truth and with the vegan movement growing at such a fast rate the day will soon arrive where the activists will outnumber authorities and the majority vote will finally put an end to this horrific trade.

If you would like to be involved in a vigil in your area please connect with THE SAVE MOVEMENT

Videos below take from Vigils during 2017 

That Vegan Couple –
vigil in Melbourne, Australia

Earthling Ed – 
vigil in Essex, England

Food, Climate Change & Sustainability | Dr Oppenlander Interview

That Vegan Couple have been covering a wealth of information on climate change and sustainability issues that are effecting our planet, in particular one of the leading causes of green house gas emissions – Animal Agriculture.
In this eye opening interview, Award winning author Dr. Richard Oppenlander talks on his predictions for the future based on his 40 years of study on the effects food choices have on our planet. He also explains in detail all the factors that are contributing to global depletion and the fact that even if we eliminate fossil fuels completely today we would still exceed our carbon green house gas emissions due to Livestock by the year 2050. View the video below and take action today by adopting a plant based lifestyle.