Tom Morello – “We don’t need you” feat. Vic Mensa

Undoubtedly one of the greatest guitar players ever to grace the planet – Tom Morello dropped a new song and video this week for his album “The Atlas Underground.” This collaboration is fronted by the voice of controversial Hip Hop lyricists Vic Mensa in a foot stomping track “We don’t Need you.”

Vic Mensa is known for his thought provoking lyrics and We don’t need you in no exception, in this song making a strong statement against the lies told by the US Federal Government and the mainstream media. Dropping references to the 9/11 hoax and the US privatized prison system. This song is clearly on a mission to have people question everything they have been told and it does that well.

Musically this song is more hip hop than rock with a minimalistic arrangement that keeps most of the focus on the voice and lyrics. But a Morello track wouldn’t be complete without some crazy guitar work and that is dropped in the way of a left field solo sounding like a Storm Trooper laser gun. The production of this song is really quite unique and that’s what makes it so cool.

From what I have heard The Atlas Underground album is gonna be a killer with a long list of diverse artists like Bassnectar, RZA and Killer Mike – but RATM fans please don’t expect a RATM album just embrace Toms new thing.  Album drops Oct 2018. Get your ears around “We don’t need you” in the video below!

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